More than 60 documentary films, moving, powerful, daring, sensory, poetic..most of them accompanied by the film Director or by a speaker, 1 world first, 6 French previews, 3 French premières, one document remained unpublished, one Quebec focus, one retrospective, one China focus, 1 « work in progress », workshops, round tables, music… and a lot of nice surprises !

Jean-Pierre Beauviala, friend of the Lasalle festival, repeatedly invited, died on April 8, 2019.
We pay tribute to him with a special session with a film that shows his career.
Founder of the Aaton company - French flagship of international reputation -, Jean-Pierre Beauviala was a brilliant inventor of revolutionary film machines. Aaton became the matrix of new cinematic writings with sound and image devices designed like alter-egos in aesthetics, curiosity and humanity.
Jean-Pierre's inventions will remain forever in the history of cinema. He defended the film reel for the memory and defense of Heritage. The lightness and handiness of the cameras has become a categorical imperative. The time synchronization of sound and image became universal today.
He had a small French company in downtown Grenoble, and a huge imagination in the centre of the Earth.

France-Québec CNC-SODEC and the Lasalle Festival continue their collaboration for the second year. A four program areas will, once again, let us discover the rich documentary cinematography from Québec.
• A selection of 7 recent feature films, in the presence of Quebec guests and hosted by Richard Brouillette, director and producer.
• A retrospective on Michel Brault, one of the masters of the direct cinema during the decade (1958-1968) and brilliant chief cameraman.
• A "carte blanche" to Asinnajaq, young filmmaker of Inuit origin, she accompanies a program of 5 Aboriginal short films which show the vitality of the young creation.
• A professional meeting
"Documentary production in Quebec & Franco-Quebec coproduction modalities". In the presence of invited professionals (French and Quebec producers), presented by Valérie Fouques, project manager - documentary support (CNC).

Three faces of China in this Focus China 2019 which presents different points of view of this huge country. Three independent directors to express facts that invite questions.

« CARTE BLANCHE » TO IRIS / Interdisciplinary research institute on social issues
« Humanities outside the walls »
Third meeting this year of DOC-Cévennes with a fundamental research laboratory. The public is invited to go backstage thanks to four researchers and a mediator, invited to talk about their work through a film that they chose which they are not the authors.
In response to these meetings : a round table « The intimate and the political ».

In the covered market of the village